Energy: In the field of energy, a number of investments have been done thanks to which the nursery manages with a lower energy consumption:

  1. The force of the coupling of heat; in the nursery there are two FCH installations, which produce the heat and the electricity of natural gas. The electricity is used for lighting or is sold at the energy companies. The heat is used for the heating of the case. Because the electricity as well as the heat are usefully used, this gives an output that’s approximately 50% higher than an energy power station. (photo FCH)
  2. Assimilation lightning; this installation increases the net yield of the used energy by the very fact that less energy for every produced flower is necessary. For example 20% energy input with 30% more production. 
  3. The heat deposit tank; any heat that's not immediately usable is stored in a well-isolated tank. Because of that, it is possible to combine the request of heat (especially in the night) with the request of CO2 and electricity (especially during the day).