The Diamond Box is a packing with which the retail advantage of the germine box and the durability advantage of the bucket are combined. The Diamond box are interiors with 20 flowers, which are brought on the water with a cover of correct protection.

The most important advantages of the Diamond box are: no damages, durability, good presentation and packing in smaller amounts (4*20 pieces each bucket).

To order: orders for the gerbera boxes can be placed until 6:30pm for delivery the next morning. The whole set is available in gerbera boxes. The mixed mixture and buckets are not deliverable. You can chose for week prices or prices of the day. The week prices are delivered the weekend before the new week. The prices of the day are delivered after the end of the auction sale (approximately 10:00 AM).

Contact for orders: Marcel van Vliet: +31(0)6-20535895